Our Team

Amit Kumar

IIM Alumni

His master in Sales and Marketing from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) makes him the driving force of the company. You can say he is a perfect marketier. He exactly knows what the clients are looking for. Someone who hardly rests and always on his toes. Amit is always enthusiastic to talk to you and solve all your problems. He is the one who looks after business operations, marketing and expanding product outreach at Gyanshetra.

She is the one who knows what exactly needs to be done and at what point in time. Someone who always finds solutions to all your queries. A perfectionist who always swears by execution, her vision and desire to always push the envelope has been an integral part of the Gyanshetra success story. Information in her tips that’s what we call her. Earned an MBA from International Management Institute (IMI), Delhi


IMI Alumni


IIM Alumni

He has been one of the major influences on Gyanshetra. The man of the hour, bringing in years of experience he is certainly the person who pulls all our strings with all the technical know-how. Needless to say that most of what we are is thanks to his technical expertise. Holds masters degree from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and bachelors from IIT Kharagpur.

Engineer by education, educationist by passion, he has been on a mission to bring quality education to all. He has loads of patience and trusts us he goes an extra mile to help you achieve what you want. Always ready for any query you have or problem you facing. With a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, he brings with him the knowledge to be on the forefront in marketing and sales. He is both the mentor and advisor to Gyanshetra


MIT Manipal Alumni


IIM Alumni

One word i.e. sincere. Give him the task and trust him he will get it done. He is the one who plays with data and makes them information. Someone who can handle complicated pages and make them simple with details. He talks less but when speaks he can convince you for everything. Never heard him saying a no for anything.


IIM Alumni

An Engineer turned MBA, a brilliant strategist; he has a track record of delivering innovative solutions to business problems. Having previously worked with companies, he has over 5 years of experience in business expansion and executing projects with a strong return on investment. Holds an MBA degree from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and bachelors degree from Delhi College of Engineering

An Entrepreneur at heart and an Engineer by profession, he has a rich experience of building several complex systems and web portals-with an aim to make it the default platform for prospective students to research and decide about careers and colleges related to higher education in India. Gyanshetra website design credits goes to him. Holds a bachelors degree in BTECH from Indian Institute of Technology


IIT Alumni