What you get

"Personalized Counseling Service"- where an executive is allocated to you who look into everything related to admission admission process right from the application to admission based upon your profile. We give you real time updates via- phone call, mail and Whatsapp. Gyanshetra is a One Stop Solution to all your admission problems.

 Notification for Application form, Counseling forms, Counseling dates

 Real Time Counseling Updates

 Previous Year Cut-offs

 Strategy- plan of action designed for the counseling

 College Analysis & Comparison

 Complete Choice Filling Support

 Fees Structure Details

 Documents Required for Counseling

 Seat Matrix

 Bond Details

 Stray Vacancy/ Mop-up Round

 Refund Policy and Rules

 Court Cases etc if any

*After the writ petition 267/2017 today NEET UG admissions are done only by Central and State Governments based upon your merit and choice fillings. Gyanshetra is information facilitator of the counseling process. We are not related to admissions; but admissions are the by-product of information.


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Notifications (24*7 Alert)

This is the beginning for the admission process. Your allocated executive will update you about everything related to admission starting from application form, results, counseling forms, etc through mail, whatsapp and call. Simply put being updated 24*7. Important point is if you miss out on the application form then no matter what's your rank you will be out of the complete counseling process. 


PG is branch-specific; unlike MBBS so strategy is important else you will miss out on opportunities. Your allocated executive will look into your profile and guide you as to where to stand, what should be the back-up options, choice filling etc. 

Choice Filling

Most important part of the admission process. Feedback given by one of the parents "The choice filling in correct order or priority is very important, otherwise, you may miss some good option at the time of different round counseling"

Majority of students fill limited options based upon previous year cut-off, word of mouth, incomplete information, etc. The factors one should look before choice filling are quality faculty, infrastructure, student quality, etc. We not only give you the choice filling but why it has to be in that order bsed upon conditions like - Patient Inflow, OPD's, Operations Conducted, Total Fees, Bond Conditions etc are explained in detail.

Any mistake in your choice filling can eliminate a good college based upon wrong assumptions. Here we work closely with you and take into account your needs  before finalizing the choices to be filled. The choices are customized according to your profile- based upon branches you are looking into, location etc.

Real Time Updates

There is a difference between DATA & INFORMATION. Previous year data is of no help to you for getting into your Dream College; it’s only for reference purpose. What you need is real time information update about colleges, state counseling, last minute approval of colleges, current status etc for getting into your dream college and branch. Here your allocated executive will guide you with all such questions.

Colleges Analysis

It’s important to find the college that best suits you or the best college based upon your profile. We give you detailed report about each and every college with respect to the college fees structure, bond details, patient inflow, students quality, infrastructure, Super-speciality in that college etc. It’s important to have college comparison done before hand so that you have all options in hand because leaving a medical college after a certain period of time is expensive. We don’t recommend college based upon certain prejudice but take a holistic look.

Spot Round/Vacancy Round

Stray round happens every year without a miss. It's for left over seats which arise after the normal rounds of counseling are over. Stray vacancy is a physical counseling which is conducted by colleges in their campus. IMPORTANT POINT : Only those students who have not taken admission till date or are in possession of their original documents on the day of stray vacancy counseling are eligible for it.  

Stray Vacancy is the most important part of the year where unexpected can happen. Nothing can be predicted and every year bring its own share of surprises. 

All the Stray Vacancy counseling takes places at the same time across India for all the colleges(which is generally 3-4 days in end of August). It's important for you to have a strategy in place so that you do not miss out on admission to college. Here we will inform you about the vacant seats, rules for counseling, dates etc.