Eligibility For Admission:

Both the parents are situated abroad or any of them is working abroad - these students can take admission in government as well as top private engineering colleges across India

Any of the relative is working abroad)- these students can take admission in some private colleges across India which allows NRI SPONSORED category

Admissions under NRI category are done with strict rules and regulations, to get under the NRI category one needs to follow strict rules and regulations and do the necessary paper work, once the initial process is complete, you will be granted admission and one need to pay the fees in their respective currency.

Customized information process definitely includes without saying:

  • Initial Formalities:

    Putting forward all your documents required for the processing of your application forms. Every colleges has different set of norms so looking completely into the process so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity because once a form is rejected you cannot apply again- based upon your preferences.

  • Collecting Details:

    Once we have shared all the details of the documents with you, thereafter we proceed forward by applying to the desired shortlisted colleges you are looking into. Checking all the documents and then applying the same in all the universities.

  • Legal Papers Verification:

    Once you have shared all the documents with us we move forward and look into the papers whether all papers are proper or something else needs to be done, as it’s the most important part before one fill the application form and counselling. Documentation is most important, if not done properly could lead to cancelation of application form and a missed opportunity

  • Logistic Support for Documentation:

    After the completion of all legal formalities, we move ahead with processing of application form and counselling in colleges. Here one needs to physically go to colleges and submit the application form.