Gyanshetra Information Services Pvt Ltd is an information aggregator for example while book a flight ticket in any site you do not refer to previous year details of flight booking but look in for real time prices available on a particular date. Gyanshetra does the same for you-by giving you personalized and customized information support- on real time basis.

What we have to offer to you- A bag mix of best and top rated institutions which you might not have heard of, even though you have it might just skip your mind or may not be aware about the complete process. Gyanshetra provides you customized information support for your child, where an executive is allocated to you who will look into your profile and guide you as to what needs to done at what point of time, so that you are kept up-to date and end up choosing the best option.

What does Customized information support means “you get profile based information support which is customized according to your need, profile and preferences”. You will be allocated an executive is allocated whose personal mobile number is shared with you and he/she will work closely with you round the clock and look into your complete profile, so that things are simplified and easily accessible for your admission process.

For you reaching a right mix of courses could be a difficult task- all you might know at this point in time is normal graduation or something like Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Or you might know some of the best ones but not an alternate best option which you could have in hand. Trust us getting your child the best college or the right path here will set them apart

What you will be offered in Customized information services:

  • Instant Notifications (24*7 Alert):

    Get details about the application form, slot booking, admit card, result etc, via mail, Whatsapp and call by your allocated executive. So that you do not end up missing the entry point of the admission session in your dream college.

  • Strategy:

    Get complete details about your choice filling, what should be your back up options, whether you should go for counselling or not etc. The personal executive allocated to you will look at your profile and guide you accordingly.

  • Choice Filling:

    Not required everywhere but becomes important in some of the college admission process. If you do not get this part right no matter what marks or rank you have, you might end up getting a college you don’t deserve.

    Lot of student take the choice filling for granted and completely base their choices based upon previous years cut-offs, nearer to your homes etc. Choices filling needs to be done based upon your preferences and something if allotted you are willing to join the college if not upgraded to higher order choices later. It’s an important part of the admission process if you get it wrong it cannot be corrected.

  • Live Information Updates:

    For admission point of view all you need is live information update about each and every college 24*7, all our information services are based on real time basis. This could save a lot of your time and help you get the right information in right time.

  • Comparing Colleges:

    It’s the end part of the admission process. Once you have all the options in hand we do college analysis based upon your profile, options, interest and help you zero down on the college based upon your preferences and your future look out. We don’t recommend college based upon certain prejudice but take a holistic look at what you should take.