Gyanshetra Information Services Pvt Ltd is an information aggregator for example while book a flight ticket in any site you do not refer to previous year details of flight booking but look in for real time prices available on a particular date. Gyanshetra does the same for you-by giving you personalized and customized information support- on real time basis right from application form to choice filling to choosing the best options during the admission process.

We give you a one stop solution to all your admission related queries. Today the scope of Architecture and B-design is tremendous. Post your undergraduate you can also choose your specialization for your masters. We are here to make things simplified for you, so that you have a hassle free admission process for your child.

What does Customized information support means “ once you enrol with us an executive is allocated to you, who look after you complete profile and based upon that you get profile based customized information support.

Your allocated executive will work closely with you round the clock and, give you unbiased analysis and suggestion about the colleges. You will always get what you have asked for and always something better and extra.

What you will be offered in Customized information services:

  • Instant Notifications (24*7 Alert):

    Get details about the application form, slot booking, admit card, result etc, via mail, Whatsapp and call by your allocated executive. So that you do not end up missing the entry point of the admission session in your dream college.

  • Strategy:

    Get complete details about your choice filling, what should be your back up options, whether you should go for counselling or not, if more than one counselling is there on the same day where you should go etc. The personal executive allocated to you will look at your profile and guide you accordingly.

  • Choice Filling:

    Most important part of the whole admission process is your choice filling, although not required everywhere but yes for some centralized choice filling you need to put preferences of different courses in one college. A correct choice filling will make your decision process much easier with respect to your college selection.

    Here you will get the complete order in which you need to fill your choices based upon parameters like quality of teacher, students, future prospects etc. While filling up the choices you can modify the same according to your preferences, location constraints etc

    Feedback given by one of by parent “The choice filling in correct order or priority is very important, otherwise you may miss some good option at the time of different round of counselling”

    Majority of students normally narrow down very limited options that to based upon previous year cut-off, word of mouth, incomplete information etc. If you do not get this part right no matter what marks or rank you have, you might end up in a college you don’t deserve.

    Parameters one should consider before doing choice filling are: quality faculty, infrastructure, students quality etc.

    Any mistake in your choice filling can eliminate a good college based upon wrong assumptions. Here we work closely with students and parents and take into considerations their needs before finalising the choices to be filled. Our choice filling process is customized according to you.

  • Live Information Updates:

    Trust us data of previous years won’t help you in getting into a desired college, it’s only for reference. For admission point of view all you need is live information update about each and every college, state etc 24*7. For you questions like what is the live status of the counselling, whether seats are available or not when you reach the counselling venue etc concerns you. Your allocated executive will guide you with all the questions.

  • Colleges Analysis:

    Once you have all the options in hand we do college analysis based upon your profile, options, interest and help you zero down on the college based upon your preferences and your future look out. We don’t recommend college based upon certain prejudice but take a holistic look at what you should take.

  • Logistic Support:

    Logistic support means we let you know where you should go for counselling based upon your profile- this also saves in money which might have been spent on places where you were not supposed to go and also unnecessary burden of going everywhere in 2 months of the counselling season.

  • Spot Round:

    Vacancy round, mop up round, spot round or physical round its one and the same thing. Seats remaining vacant after the normal counselling round will be conducting manual counseling through the authority designated by them. It’s that round of the whole admission season where the unexpected can happen- and you might get a seat which you might not even thought of during the normal rounds of the counseling process.

    During the mop-up round of counselling nothing can be predicted beforehand and every year brings with itself its own share of surprises. With this round nothing can be said about it by sitting at the office. Here we send our executive to each college/designated authority to get the details about vacancy seats/ Rules and regulations and when is the counselling to be conducted. There after a strategy is provided to you so that you get the best benefit out of it.