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We give you a one stop solution to all your admission related queries. We are here to make things simplified for you, so that you have a hassle free admission process for your child. With our personalized and customized information support system- you get hands on information for everything related to admission- right from application form to choice filling to choosing the best options.
What does Customized information support denotes “it means information will be given to you based upon your profile and preferences about the branches and colleges taking into consideration”. Here we give you unbiased analysis and suggestion about the college and stream.
How we do it- Once you enrol an executive is allocated to you who look after your complete profile of your child. You always get what you have asked for and always something better and extra.(we do not give you data because data are previous year records and you need live information to take admission)

Customized information process definitely includes without saying:

  • Important Notification updates:

    It’s the very 1st stage of the admission process and also the most important ones- where details about important date of the application form, slot booking, admit card, result etc is notified to you, so that you do not end up missing the entry point of the admission session in your dream college.

  • Choice Filling:

    The most important part of the admission process (and trust us) as you cannot take a chance in this because there is no U-turn, it’s either the make or break for your child’s future. Every year we have seen students missing out on better college just because of wrong choice filling and lack of guidance.

    Feedback given by one of by parent “The choice filling in correct order or priority is very important, otherwise you may miss some good option at the time of different round of JOSSA counselling”

    After the exams majority of the students normally narrow down very limited options based upon previous year cut-off, consulting relatives and friends, incomplete information etc. Any mistake in choice filling can eliminate a good college option or so to say having limited options in choices can limit you in getting a preferred college based upon wrong assumptions. Here we work closely with students and parents and take into considerations their needs before finalising the choices to be filled. Our choice filling process is customized according to you

  • Live Information Updates:

    There will not be any information which you will ever miss out on, especially things which concern you. We keep you upbeat about all the whereabouts of the college 24*7. All our information services are on real time basis. Because we don’t give you data but live information- “An information can change your life”.

  • Comparing Colleges:

    Once you have all the options in hand we do a complete analysis based upon the college options, your interest and help you zero down on the college based upon your preferences and your future look out. We don&rsquot;t recommend college based upon certain prejudice but take an overall holistic look at what you should take.