General Information Services for Architecture

It is the basic building block for student and parent-where they will get all the information related to colleges in a systematic pattern under one roof, so as to make even the complicated things look easier. It’s basically a customized service (ALA-CARTE) designed specifically by looking into the needs and requirements of each and every individual. So you get customized service for all your aspirations, needs and goals. Here, we start by understanding you- taking all your personal details, noting your interest, requirements, what you are looking for.... In short this service can also be termed as holding hand and moving together towards your goal. Most importantly, a dedicated executive will be allocated to you.


Things closely looked into while providing you this service is:


    Understanding and talking to each and every student and parent one on one, we simply do not believe in one fit to all problems. Here we basically counsel you by understanding your aspirations and at the same time looking into the future. We help you choose the best college option in hand. Example: if you have to choose between Dept. of Architecture, IIT Roorkee and CEPT, Ahmedabad, we give you detailed analysis with respect to chosen college and help you in choosing the same.


    In Engineering Entrance Exam, filling forms is an important aspect of the admission process. It is often observed that student fill very few or only the selected few popular exam forms or the forms for which newspaper advertisements are done and lose out on opportunity for good colleges. If you do not fill the form you are not running in the race. We at Gyanshetra look at form filling, admit card release, exam date, results & when the counselling starts.


    In the entire process of admission, choice filling is the most important activity and we definitely have the expertise to guide you as to how you should fill the choice, so that you do not miss out an opportunity in hand. We donot do choice filling based upon limited knowledge or getting word of mouth, our choice filling is thoroughly based upon proper college analysis and experience.

    It is the most important step in the admission process.

    We are available 24*7 & very much pro-active in providing you with all the relevant information on real time basis without fail. We believe that you must get information the moment it is released so that you do not miss the time and opportunities.


    Many students miss out on this because of no right guidance. Live information system helps us to cater to these last minute details about vacant seats in TOP colleges across India.


    Every college has the provision for scholarships and fee waivers under AICTE norms. We assist students and parents to avail the benefits wherever the criterion matches.

    Service period ends on 31st August 2017


General Information Services for Architecture

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The overall information service will be provided to you via E-mail & Phone Call. You will be allocated a dedicated executive along with his/her personal contact number who will be assisting you throughout the admission process from beginning till the end via Phone call. (You can only contact the executive anytime between 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. But in case of important notification such as “Spot round information” or any “last minute reminder” the executive can contact you anytime to deliver the information). Also, to meet the assigned executive in person one needs to take prior appointment.

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