By now we are very sure you are completely aware about the Medical admission process, and equally aware of the fact that if you have the right information at right time you can get into a college which you might have missed. Already aware about the important fact that Medical Admission process be it MBBS OR PG admissions can be a painful task for you if not taken care properly.

All the chaos might keep on pushing you to take any branch which you might be getting and you might end you taking a wrong option. Because this is not MBBS it’s your specialization and your whole career depends upon it. Let us take care of this so that you have a bit easy sail in the medical admission process.

It’s a customized information support system which means you get the services based upon your profile and what exactly you are looking forward for. Gyanshetra will provide you with all the solution to all you queries related to medical admission. Our allotted executive will work closely with you round the clock so that things are simplified and easily accessible for your admission process.


Customized information process definitely includes without saying:


    Everything thing starts from filling the application form, and in medical admission it’s very important because if you do not fill the form no matter what is your rank you will be out of the counselling process. So we start by updating you about the application form, counselling dates, end dates etc. It’s just the start of the admission process.


    The most important part of the whole admission process is the choice filling. If you do not get this part right no matter what marks or rank you have, you might end up getting a college you don’t deserve. We just don’t only give you details about choices to be filled but why it has to be in that order based upon conditions like – patient inflow, OPD’s, number of admitted patients, operations conducted etc are explained in detail.

    Lot of student take the choice filling options for granted and completely base their choices based upon previous years cut-offs, here one needs to understand that previous year cut off should only be looked for references your choices should not be based on cut-offs. Choice filling needs to be done based upon your preferences and also as something if allotted you are filling to join the colleges if not given better option later.

    Here choices are provided based upon the branches you are looking forward to.


    Trust us data of previous years won’t help you in getting into a desired college, it’s only for reference. For admission point of view all you need is live information update about each and every college, state etc 24*7, all our information services are based on real time basis. Also very important point will be whether or not you get timely input into which colleges got approval for taking admission in the last moment or where the approval is proper or with conditions.


    Once you have the options in hand we let you know which college to choose from the option in hand, because leaving college after certain period of time in medical admission can cost you a lot of money. So based upon our experience college comparison is something we do it beforehand.


    Important Note: This service of INFORMATION SERVICE FOR Medical (MBBS) & Dental (BDS) is valid only till the online counselling process which is generally 2nd round and in case of MCC it was till 1st Online mop up round.

    This service does not include physical counselling rounds in various colleges (Physical MOP-UP Round). For physical counselling round you have to enrol for it separately, this service is only valid for those who have not taken admission in the earlier rounds. Physical mop up round of states are also not covered under the information services for medical and dental.(Even if you have enrolled for Customised Information Services for Medical and want to go in for Vacancy round services you need to enrol with us again after online counselling. Merely enrolling for Customised information services for Medical does not include vacancy round services.Please go through our VACANT SEAT/ SPOT ROUND/MOP UP ROUND SERVICE section for more details)


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The overall information service will be provided to you via E-mail & Phone Call. You will be allocated a dedicated executive along with his/her personal contact number who will be assisting you throughout the admission process from beginning till the end via Phone call. (You can contact the executive anytime between 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. But in case of important notification such as “Spot round information” or any “last minute reminder” the executive can contact you anytime to deliver the information). Also, to meet the assigned executive in person one needs to take prior appointment. 

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