Spot Round Service for MD/MS/PG Diploma

Vacancy round, mop up round, spot round or physical round its one and the same thing. Seats remaining vacant after the normal counselling conducted by state, central, private and deemed medical colleges across India will be conducted manual counseling through State Government or the authority designated by them.

This is an exclusive service and starts only after the online counselling is over. Only those students are eligible who have not taken admission till the normal counselling rounds. Note: If a student has taken admission and submitted the documents anywhere across India than he/she cannot take part in mop up round of counselling. Because the rules of mop-up round admission clearly states that mop up round is only for those students who have not been admitted earlier by any of the medical colleges and are in possession of their original documents on the day of counselling.

This service is completely different from the Customised Information Services for MD/MS/PG DIPLOMA. This round is basically physical round and nothing can be said about it by sitting at offices. Here we send our executive to each colleges/ DMER offices to collect the data of vacant seats/ Rules and regulations and when is the counselling to be conducted. There after a strategy is provided to you so that you get the best benefit out of it.

We only provide you intimations of vacant seats and when the counselling is to be conducted across India in a short time period.


Even if you have enrolled for Customised Information Services for MD/MS/PG DIPLOMA and want to go in for Vacancy round services you need to enrol with us again after normal/online counselling are over. Merely enrolling for Customised information services for MD/MS/PG DIPLOMA does not include vacancy round services.