For you reaching a right mix of courses could be a difficult task- all you might know at this point in time is normal graduation or something like Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). Or you might know some of the best ones but not an alternate best option which you could have in hand. Trust us getting your child the best college or the right path here will set them apart and there will not be a U- Turn in his/her life.

Today even being from commerce background- sky is a limit; you can have the best of options in hand and choose your graduation according to your interest and future aspiration. Gone are the days when non-science students just opted for graduations, there is more to it.

What we have to offer to you- Nothing must but a bag mix of best and top rated institutions which you might not have heard of, even though you have it might just skip your mind or may not aware about the complete process. Here Gyanshetra provides you customized information support for your child, where you will be guided into what needs to done at what point of time, so that you are kept up-to date and end up choosing the best option.

Here we give you timely intimation of all the best possible options in hand-starting from BBA, BMS, LAW etc, so that you don’t miss on to what next to be done. It will start firm the timely notifications, to ordering of your choices while filling up the application form, choosing the best possible options etc.


Customized information process definitely includes without saying:


    Most important part of the admission process is the application forms- if you have missed this you have missed everything. Trust us by the time you might get to know about the application forms you might have missed them. So our process starts by updating you about all the application form, counselling dates, end dates etc. It’s just the start of the admission process.



    Not required everywhere but becomes important in some of the college admission process. If you do not get this part right no matter what marks or rank you have, you might end up getting a college you don’t deserve. Lot of student take the choice filling options for granted and completely base their choices based upon previous years cut-offs, nearer to your homes etc. Choice filling needs to be done based upon your preferences and also as something if allotted you are filling to join the colleges if not given better option later. As its an important part if you get it wrong it cannot be corrected.



    For admission point of view all you need is live information update about each and every college 24*7, all our information services are based on real time basis. This could save a lot of your time and help you get the right information in right time



    End part of the admission process where you have all the options in hand, so choosing the best fit is really very important. We let you know the best option which you have for your college based upon your profile and also total number of options in hand. Our suggestions are based upon complete analysis and looking into the future aspect and don’t give you a biased opinion



21,000 + 3,780 (18% GST)


The overall information service will be provided to you via E-mail & Phone Call. You will be allocated a dedicated executive along with his/her personal contact number who will be assisting you throughout the admission process from beginning till the end via Phone call. (You can contact the executive anytime between 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. But in case of important notification such as “Spot round information” or any “last minute reminder” the executive can contact you anytime to deliver the information). Also, to meet the assigned executive in person one needs to take prior appointment.

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