General Information Service for MBBS

Gyanshetra will provide you with the solution to all of your queries related to medical admission. Our allotted executive will work closely with you round the clock so that things are simplified and easily accessible for your Child’s admission. It’s a customized information support system which means you get the services based upon your profile, what exactly you are looking forward for, definitely our advice and we always give you something extra every time. Personalized Information Support system- is based upon real-time information. You get everything under one platform from the application form, to college quality, to fee and admission details, etc.


Customized information process definitely includes without saying:


Get details about the application form, slot booking, result, etc., via mail, WhatsApp and call by your allocated executive. This is the 1st step in the admission process. In medical admission, if you miss out on the application form then no matter whatever is your rank you will be out of the counseling process.


Your allocated executive will look through your profile and make a strategy accordingly by giving you complete details about where you stand, what should be the back-up options, choice filling if more than one counseling is there on the same day where should you go, etc.






The most important part of the whole admission process. If you do not get this part right no matter what marks or rank you have, you might end up in a college you don’t deserve. Feedback given by one of the parents "The choice filling in correct order or priority is very important, otherwise, you may miss some good option at the time of different round of JOSSA counselling"


The majority of students generally fill very limited options that too based upon previous year cut-off, word of mouth, incomplete information, etc. The factors one should consider before doing choice filling are quality faculty, infrastructure, student quality, etc. We just don’t only give you details about choices to be filled but why it has to be in that order based upon conditions like - Hospital beds, PG Seats, total fees, bonds to be filled, etc are explained in detail.


Any mistake in your choice filling can eliminate a good college based upon wrong assumptions. Here we work closely with students and parents and take into consideration their needs before finalizing the choices to be filled. The choice filling is customized according to your profile



There is a difference between DATA & INFORMATION. Previous year's data is of no help to you for getting into a dream college, it’s only for reference purposes. For getting your desired college, you need live information update about every college, state, etc 24*7. Our information services are based on real-time. 


Important factors will be are you getting timely input as to which colleges got last-minute approval for taking admission, is the approval with conditions or not. Questions like what is the live status of the counselling, are seats still vacant when you reach counselling venue, etc. You need timely updates about everything related to admission here your allocated executive will guide you with all such questions.


This is an important part, as you have all the options in hand, we let you know which college to choose because leaving medical college after a certain period can cost you a lot of money. So based upon our experience college comparison is something which we do beforehand. We don’t recommend college based upon certain prejudice but take a holistic look at which college you should choose.


Before taking admission in any medical college one should know the exact bond conditions. Bond is a condition given by a state government or college wherein the student after completing the course, has to serve in the particular state or for the College for a specified time. (If you break it then you need to pay the penalty amount as mentioned at the time of admission).

  • Logistic Support:

Logically parents and students can't go in for all rounds of counselling across India. Logistic support means we let you know where you should go for counselling based upon your profile- this also saves in your money which might have been spent on places where you were not supposed to go and also an unnecessary burden of going everywhere in 2 months of the counselling season. It doesn’t mean our executive will accompany you to the counseling process.

  • Stray Vacancy/Mop-up Round:

It's physical counselling which generally happens only after two rounds of online/offline counselling. It's only for those students who have not taken admission anywhere in the country or have their original documents on the day of counselling.

Here we send our executive to each college/ DMER offices beforehand to collect the data of vacant seats/ Rules and regulations and when is the counselling to be conducted. Thereafter a strategy is suggested so that you get a college as all the counseling across India takes place within those 3-4 days. 








Important NoteThis service of INFORMATION SERVICE FOR Medical (MBBS) & Dental (BDS) is valid only till the online counselling process which is generally 2nd round and in case of MCC it was till 1st Online mop up round.

This service does not include physical counselling rounds in various colleges (Physical MOP-UP Round). For physical counselling round you have to enrol for it separately, this service is only valid for those who have not taken admission in the earlier rounds. Physical mop up round of states are also not covered under the information services for medical and dental.(Even if you have enrolled for Customised Information Services for Medical and want to go in for Vacancy round services you need to enrol with us again after online counselling. Merely enrolling for Customised information services for Medical does not include vacancy round services.Please go through our VACANT SEAT/ SPOT ROUND/MOP UP ROUND SERVICE section for more details)


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The overall information service will be provided to you via E-mail & Phone Call. You will be allocated a dedicated executive along with his/her personal contact number who will be assisting you throughout the admission process from beginning till the end via Phone call. (You can contact the executive anytime between 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. But in case of important notification such as “Spot round information” or any “last minute reminder” the executive can contact you anytime to deliver the information). Also, to meet the assigned executive in person one needs to take prior appointment.