AIIMS MBBS 2018 Analysis

AIIMS MBBS 2018 Analysis

Overall analysis of 26th and 27th May 2018

Majority of candidates said that the-

  • Questions from Physics and Chemistry subjects were tough compared to Biology and General Knowledge. Physics was hard-hitting for most of the candidates who appeared in AIIMS MBBS 2018 entrance exam.
  • Majority of questions were reason and assertion-based.
  • The Physics portion had both numerical and theoretical questions.
  • Most of the numerical questions were lengthy and time-consuming.
  • There were language problem in chemistry questions
  • Ease of Biology and General Knowledge sections was surprising.


  • Duration of the exam: 3.5 hours (210 minutes)
  • 200 objective type Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Knowledge and Aptitude & Logical Thinking sections.
  • Candidates will be awarded one mark for each question and 1/3 marks will be deducted for submitting an incorrect response. This implies that the exam is held for a total of 200 marks.
  • Physics, Chemistry, and Biology section will carry 60 marks each whereas General Knowledge and Aptitude & Logical Thinking section will carry 10 marks each. The medium of the exam will be either English or Hindi depending on the choice of the candidates.

Each section of AIIMS MBBS comprised 40 objective type questions and 20 Assertion Reason questions. 20 questions were asked from General Knowledge and Aptitude.


Physics– The Physics section was the toughest section. Many questions required the use of logic and some creative questions were asked which consumed time. While the exact number of reason-assertion based questions remain unknown, but there were most questions into in this category. Besides, questions in this section were tricky, creative and time-consuming too.

Physics topics with most weightage included Dual Matter of Nature & Radiation, Solids & Semiconductors, Reflection and Dispersion of Light, Electric Field, Simple Harmonic Motion, Transfer of Heat, Gravitation, Energy, Newton Laws of Motion, and Units & Measurement.

What made physics tough in AIIMS entrance exam was that it was very calculation intensive. Students were baffled by close answers.

Biology – The Biology section was the easiest for almost all candidates with questions coming primarily from the NCERT. Some questions also involved diagrams. An equal number of Botany and Zoology questions were asked and very few questions were confusing. There were as many as 20 reason-assertion based questions in Biology but still, they were not deemed very tough by students and were easy to solve. 90% of the questions were NCERT based.

Chemistry – The Chemistry section was considered to be moderate. The language of few questions was confusing which made it diffcult to know what logic could be applied. The questions were mainly from NCERT texts. The Assertion Reason questions were not difficult or time-confusing.There were as many as 18 reason-assertion based questions in Chemistry. Though Chemistry section was easier than Physics, it still had a high difficulty level.

Chemistry topics with most weightage in the exam included Ionic Equilibrium, Organic Reaction Mechanism, Benezoids, Ketones, Silicon & Compounds, Carbon & Compounds, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, and Mole Concept.

It was a moderately easy/tough section. There was fair distribution between organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry.

Aptitude & Logical Reasoning and General Knowledge - The questions in this section primarily revolved around current affairs, logical reasoning and riddles. Questions of general knowledge included current affairs, logical reasoning, riddles. There were no questions related to history. These questions included the name of Lok Sabha Speaker, Mobile Signal Recognition, meaning of IMEI number.