Gyanshetra is an education management consulting firm that serves students and parents. We help our clients make right decision to improve performance and realize their most important goals. Over the past four years, we've built a firm uniquely equipped to this task.

We have always strived to build a relationship of utmost trust and confidence with every client. 60% of our new clients are referred by old clients. This is the case because our clients know we put their interests ahead of the firm's.

Gyanshetra is an education strategic consulting firm that helps Engineering, Medical & Architecture aspirants. We're at our best when the stakes are high & the problems are big.

We help make change happen.

Our insights, tools and hands-on support help clients achieve their biggest goals.

Established in 2012, Gyanshetra (an initiative by IIM-IIT alumni) is striving to create a niche for itself by providing quality services to its customers. We strongly believe in an information system which is based on real time rather than data from previous year. We are here to listen to your problem, discuss with you your choices and give you solutions to your entire problem. Because we at Gyanshetra truly and strongly believe that it's not just a graduation degree but future of your child.

It provides complete Solutions in the field of Education in India. As a company, we're proud of our role in the education sector- helping student and parents in their decision process while pursuing our dream of excellence. With a deep commitment to our founding principles, Gyanshetra will remain at the forefront of the education industry for years to come.

As a one stop solution, Gyanshetra ensures that lack of information does not become a barrier when it comes to choosing the best college for your child (Engineering, Medical & Architecture) in India. Providing end-to-end information solution for top Colleges in Engineering, Medical & Architecture. Gyanshetra is unique in terms of service provided by us. We counsel parents & students through emotions (*** suggested by one of our esteemed parent)

  • Founded in May 2012
  • Success Ratio in 2014: 84.23% & in 2015: 97.87%
  • Success Ratio in 2014: 100% & in 2015: 100%
  • We will only take on an engagement if we believe we can create value for the client substantially in excess of our professional fees.
  • As individuals and as a firm, we gauge our success in terms of our impact on the performance and long-term growth of our clients.